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  • SAGE CLOVER is a boutique photography studio set up in 2008 exclusively for newborn babies, children, maternity mummies to be and families in SINGAPORE. Kymberley - our chief photographer makes sole use of natural light in all of her sessions, be it on- location or in the studio, for a warm, dreamy look. We appreciate details, and we revel in bringing out beautiful connections in the families we meet.

    Our natural light photography studio is located in Bukit Timah especially for Newborn Babies and under One Year Olds. We love to take older children & larger family groups outdoors.

    Do have a look at our work and check out the details / investment of commissioning us for a photography session. We'd love to see you and family very soon!

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Baby Elisha came in for her newborn photography session when she was just 9 days new.

She was a good size baby weighing in at 3.05kg! Just the perfect amount of baby “squish” making for some really cute cheeks!

This wonderful little bundle was welcomed by her loving parents Fredy & Eva and though we would have loved to have Elisha’s elder brother come along, I guess we’ll only get to see him during our Watch Me Grow session for little Elisha!

Always love to put baby first in all of our sessions- so we don’t over do the propping and stuff. The light was wonderful in the studio as always 🙂

Little Elisha has pretty long limbs, am sure she’ll grow into a gorgeous lady! 3W4A8411 3W4A8449 3W4A8554 3W4A8662 3W4A8655 3W4A8659 3W4A8720 3W4A8579

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Singapore Newborn Baby Photography | Baby Amari

Meet Baby Amari!

This little sweetheart is the Jay & Lorraine’s second daughter and they came into the studio while she was just 2 weeks old. In a blink of an eye, shes almost 2 months now!

Mum & Dad couldn’t be more smitten with their brand new baby girl.

Lorraine’s so radiant in her shoot you really can’t tell she’s just delivered a close to 3.5kg baby! – Amari is so precious!

Just look at those adorable cheeks and amazing skin. Such a pumpkin!

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11 2 small 12 1 4 3Thinking about booking your newborn photography session?

It’s never too early!

Newborn sessions are done 5-14 days after baby’s birth and we usually book 2 months in advance.

We suggest that you book your newborn photographer at the beginning of your second trimester so we’ll sure to have a slot for you!

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Wan En wanted an outdoor and studio session with a beautiful forest as a backdrop for her maternity session. She is expecting her first child, a little boy, and they were full of anticipation for this new little life.

I love maternity sessions with first time mummies and daddies. That first time joy, not knowing what to expect but knowing full well that baby will be loved anyhow. Both Wan En and Cedric are so full of love for each other, its an enviable sight.

We went to one of my favorite locations to shoot their maternity session  and though the light did not fully peek beyond the cloud, I thought Wan En’s adorable baby bump shone for me.

She looked absolutely stunning in that white halter gown.

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Ready to book your maternity session?
Contact us at  to book your Maternity & Newborn Photoshoot session today!

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The last time I met up with Patricia was for Skyler’s newborn pictures 11 months ago. Boy has he grown!! My heart’s love is welcoming back families and watching them grow. It’s just the most amazing thing.

Patricia’s sweet sweet family came back to the studio for Skyler’s Watch Me Grow studio session but she also wanted something that will be fun for his birthday party, and so, that we did!

Cake smash session it will be! So apt for a One Year Old Photoshoot 🙂

Though it was a hot day and little Skyler was feeling the heat – it was still a lot of fun to photograph their outdoor family portraits.

Patricia got in touch with me several weeks prior to our session to start planning. She was going to bring and make some props that will match his party theme plus she really wanted an outdoor session to match the party portraits. Over the weeks we talked about props, outfit options and Patricia really worked hard and found some really adorable outfits for Skyler and for her entire family. She even sewed and made some of those props!

Then it came to the day of the session… it was a hot day! Though I must say we together rocked both the studio and outdoor sessions.

Skyler is one of those kiddos that prefer quiet moments and keen observation but he can also give big big smiles when he feels absolutely comfortable!


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Thinking about booking your Baby photography session?

It’s never too early!

Baby Studio sessions take place under 10 months of age and an outdoor session is most suitable for children 11 months onward.

It is suggested that you book your baby photographer when baby is about 3 months old!

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