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  • Sage Clover is a boutique photography studio set up in 2008 exclusively for newborn babies, children, maternity mummies to be and families in Singapore. Kymberley - our chief photographer makes sole use of natural light in all of her sessions, be it on- location or in the studio, for a warm, dreamy look. We appreciate details, and we revel in bringing out beautiful connections in the families we meet.

    Our natural light photography studio is located in Upp Bukit Timah especially for Newborn Babies and under One Year Olds. We love to take older children & larger family groups outdoors.

    Do have a look at our work and check out the details / investment of commissioning us for a photography session. We'd love to see you and family very soon!

    Contact our studio: +65 8168 2107 / Email:

What would you give to be able to reminisce these first two weeks, to remember all the nitty gritty details of your new baby’s arrival before exhaustion takes over?

The first time you set eyes on her … her rooting for you … the look on daddy’s face when he picks her up for the first time.

We took time to take in all these again at the studio today with Leanne’s newborn session, running our fingers over her crimson lips, soothing and gently wrapping her as she stirs, shushing all the sounds of the new world away..

I hope those few hours in our studio will become a lifetime of memory,  and we watch, reminisce, and marvel.

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A Dedication to the Mums in our Lives.

Blessed Mother’s Day! To you and to me!

We are grateful to be part of your mummy journey, capturing the love in your family and watching the children grow!

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Fides and Dave are the most charming parents ever.

The moment they stepped into the studio, I immediately felt a sense of peace and calm, like we had been friends forever. They were such gentle spirits. That spirit glowed so brightly in their firstborn, Simone, the sweetest big sister ever. Simone was so gentle, so confident with her baby brother, she was such a joy to work with. Daddy Dave is also the most nurturing Dad, drawing pictures of princesses for his own little princess, reading stories and chilling on the couch with her.

The session went so well I lost track of time so its no wonder I had over 65 images for them in their gallery.

Thank you so much Fide, Dave, Simone, Cooper!

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All our Newborn Nest sessions are taken in natural light, I guess you’ll already know that.

 I’m just not a fan of large bursts of light on a newborn that could cause a startling effect or you know yourself when a flash goes off in your face that your eyes take a little while to adjust afterwards.

And then there are the parents who are trying to relax in the calm environment that I have created – I want them to be able to enjoy the session without the impact of light every few minutes.

Our studio is filled with amazing natural light- perhaps the only drawback is the heat for me while baby snoozes right through it.


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The sun was low in the sky and the air smelt sweet that morning.

Daddy & Mummy brought Baby into the woods with his favorite book, some marshmallows and a tent.

It was a beautiful day.

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Sage Clover Photography offers maternity and newborn baby photography sessions.
Kymberley takes a limited number of pregnancy & newborn sessions a year, and clients will often contact her during their first or second trimester to ensure photo shoot availability. Kymberley  captures baby portraits and newborn pictures that show the intensely growing relationship between a family and their new baby and celebrates pregnancy.
The first few weeks go by incredibly fast, and her clients commission Kymberley for newborn portraits to make sure those precious moments stay with them always.
Baby Studio and Location Family Portrait Sessions: Kymberley believes a portrait should reflect more than just what a family looks like but photography should also portray a child’s ingenuous personality and a family’s love. Whether in her studio, your home, or at a location/neighborhood, Kymberley offers a unique breadth of portrait and lifestyle photography. Her style is whimsical, dreamy and completely focused and centered around your family. Kids enjoy her fun, engaging spirit, and parents appreciate the guidance she provides throughout the picture-taking process, and the rewarding experience she so strongly believes children should receive in a professional portrait photography session.
Families who choose Sage Clover are looking for photography that is customized, unique portrait experience they will not get anywhere else.
The Best Professional Children Newborn Photographer serves Singapore and also Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the surrounding regions.
Maternity Photography | Newborn Photography | Family Photography | Baby Photography | Singapore Children Photography
If you wish to commission Kymberley and Sage Clover for a photography portrait session for your family, child, newborn, baby or for a pregnancy photography session, please contact her at or call +65 8168 2107
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