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Serendipity at our N’ Hood | Singapore Children Photography

Its difficult to just dump your daily stresses and head out with the kids these days but we finally got the chance to explore the neighborhood yesterday.

It was one of those – ‘heh, get your scooters and let’s head out in 5 mins’ kinda days- serendipitous  and unplanned.

This is our neighborhood and we are incredibly blessed to move in here.

We didn’t plan for pictures – I just grabbed my camera and out the door with 80 clicks left in my CF card.

Open skies, greens, fields, space, freedom.

(the images are pretty much unedited, pardon the slightly duller colors) 823A9660 823A9674 823A9675 823A9684 823A9686 823A9687 823A9688 823A9692 823A9707 823A9708 823A9709 823A9711 823A9712 823A9738 823A9750

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